# 11 The robots are here

Robots are not just coming. They are already here. From TyBot which can tie steel reinforcement into position on bridges, to the road marking wizard Little Erik, and robotic hot wire cutters that can create bespoke formwork in minutes, robots are able to transform the way that infrastructure and buildings are constructed. From accelerating work flows, to making sites safer, the implications for the built environment are vast. But there are many challenges too. Investment costs are simply too high for some of the smaller companies who deliver work on behalf of the tier one contractors. But like any industry there comes a tipping point, where the benefits outweigh the costs. We may not be there yet, but robots are proving their worth and industry is starting to appreciate their advantages.


Steve Muck, Advanced Construction Robotics

Jeremy Searock, Advanced Construction Robotics

Asbjorn Sondergaard, Odico Formwork Robotics

David Bayley, WJ Group

Ping-Hsiang Chen, Mamou-Mani