#10 How China has automated road design

With 4.8 million kilometres of road China sits third in the world in terms of length of highways behind only the US and India. But its huge investment budget of £455 billion for new and improved highways could see it bypass these other world leaders. In 2018 alone it will add a further 5,000km presenting a huge challenge to those who design and build these connections. Companies are under pressure from clients to design and construct these new highways faster and in this episode we investigate how designers are writing their own software to enable this acceleration.

Using Bentley System’s OpenRoads design software, state owned consultant CCCC First Highways Consultants Company (FHCC) is investing in a new bespoke Chinese platform that will automate much of the traditional design process and, potentially make it the most efficient design nation in the world. We talk to FHCC to understand exactly how this will work, and what this means for China’s digital transformation.



Pramod Gupta, chief engineer BIM Centre, CCCC First Highways Consulting Company (FHCC)

Dustin Parkman, Bentley Systems



Bentley Systems